The Turning Leaf weight loss hypnosis program consists of three sessions each 3 hours long, one week apart. These sessions will be conducted in a group setting. All three sessions are required for the program to be successful and complete. The cost of each of the three hypnosis sessions is $250, plus CT State sales tax and fees. The total cost of the program, with all taxes and fees is $820 and is due in full before the beginning of the first session. Payment is accepted by credit/debit card. A 2.9% processing fee is charged on all transactions and may be waived for cash payments.

Checks will be accepted in advance and a $22 discount will be added as processing fees will not apply.

If during the first session, it is determined by the hypnotist that you are not a good candidate for the Turning Leaf Weight Loss Hypnosis program the cost of the sessions (minus fees) will be refunded to you.

The program is focused on eating primarily animal protein and vegetables. It is not suitable for vegetarians, vegans, or individuals not able or willing to follow a diet based on protein and vegetables.

The program requires completion of all three sessions. There will be no refund for missed sessions.

Upcoming Sessions

Sorry, there are no available sessions scheduled for this program. Please check back soon or contact us.