Focused Concentration

Hypnosis is nothing more than a state of focused concentration through relaxation. Have you ever been so focused on the road while driving that you miss your highway exit? Have you ever been so engrossed in a book or a movie that you don’t notice someone walking in the room?

THAT is what hypnosis feels like; you are still completely conscious and aware. However, you are highly focused on my voice and thus, more receptive to the predetermined and agreed upon suggestions.

Intro to Hypnosis Session

Our programs consists of three, three hour sessions each conducted one week apart. Before you are able to reserve a spot on the waitlist for the weight release sessions you are required to take a one hour introductory session. In this one hour session hypnosis will be explained and demonstrated, the details of the dietary program will be introduced, and each individual will be tested for receptivity for hypnosis. If you are determined to be a candidate for hypnosis, you will have the opportunity to book your sessions, with a deposit, at that time. The cost of the introductory session will be deducted from your final invoice for the weight release hypnosis sessions. If you are not responsive to hypnotic suggestions and determined to be an unlikely candidate for hypnosis, the cost of the introductory session will be refunded to you.

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